A whole new story

About us. About you.

We are a small team of designers who decided to collect their creativity and their experiences around the world to provide a “never seen before” project. Pilvi is the first italian luxury fashion brand for kids based on inspired research, a new timeless cool design and manufactured in the  historical kidswear district of Arezzo, on the green hills of  our loved Tuscany, with the best and healthy fabrics available in the world. We simply love good design. This must be the same for you.

We are never too young to make the difference. The kids are growing, fashion might do the same.


"Is it true prince that you once said the world would be saved by beauty? Ladies and gentlemen – he began to shout - The prince says that the world will be saved by beauty! And I maintain that the reason he has such playful ideas is that he is in love.Don't blush prince, I will feel sorry for you. Which beauty will save the world?"

The Idiot Fedor Dostoevskij


Pilvi comes from the pencil of Chiara Pancino built around a spontaneous and essential stroke. Pilvi uses only raw materials which are biocompatible and regenerated with certification; carefully selects all its suppliers; produces exclusively in a small but exceptional workshop in Arezzo in the heart of Tuscany and cannot stand false green claims. So, it is in every way a real (and documented) top quality design, eco-friendly and truly made in Italy but also with a bit of an allergy to this type of definition. In Pilvi we believe that designing with meticulous care, evaluating the environmental and social impact of materials and the whole production chain is a must for any designer and nobody expects to sell their collections for something so obvious.

"In the mind of a beginner there are many possibilities, in that of an expert there are only a few."

Zen Mind, Beginner’s mind  Shunryu Suzuki


Chiara Pancino was born in Florence on the 10th of June, 1979. After being accepted by Polimoda, one of the most important italian fashion academy, as the first classified candidate in the selections of 1999 and after a brilliant academic career, at a young age she became part of the Salvatore Ferragamo style office, member of the creative team where she remained for over 10 years until the decision to leave to follow her personal project: Pilvi. Fundamental years for her professional growth: confrontation with designers of great talent, continual research, a vocation for excellence inspired by the creative genius of the founder of the Italian House. During the same period she actively took part in groups of emerging designers and matured the need for expanding the borders of her own research into unusual fields including measuring environmental and social impact in her own work. In 2015 Pilvi began, to guide a small team of professionals who continue to believe that beauty and design have a fundamental role in the quality of life. She has 3 children, Arianna (6), Miriam (4) and Tobia (2) but this is not the reason why she designs children’s collections

“Oh Lord, make the badies good, but please, make the goodies nice”

Mark Twain

Beyond #organic and #sustainability. Make it cool!

Sustainability is not a term that we are particularly fond of as we consider it obvious to say the least. If a product is not sustainable then it means that sooner or later, here or elsewhere, for us or for someone else, it will turn out to have an unfavourable costs/benefits relationship. It is therefore simply an absurd waste of time and makes no sense to devote energy to it.