How it should be. As a child.

Please stop talking about a better world to your children. Go for it!

Pilvi was founded to give a brilliant future for kids. With the most eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable garments available worldwide Pilvi helps save the world and make a better future for our children trough beautiful design.

Our cottons come exclusively by certified supply chains thanks to the Global Organic Textile Standard

This must be the same for the wood. Either for our accessories and the paper we use for our visual communications, everything is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

We use only bio wool or second life wool comes from a traditional tuscan manufacturing which doesn’t need new virgin fibers.

Pilvi joins the Fashion Revolution Campaign. We are proud to introduce the passionate people we work with. Pilvi means fully transparent supply chain and a true 100% made in Italy, in our city, Arezzo.

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If you are looking for a timeless outstanding design and, at the same time, you wonder how it can effects the world and your kids, take a breath, you are in the right place.

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